• F-14A Tomcat

    The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, 2 seater, fighter aircraft used in Top Gun Movie starring Tom Cruise

  • Tom Cruise in Top Gun Movie

    Cruise plays Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, a young Naval aviator aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise

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  • Volley Ball Time!

    Maverick, and Goose in a Volley ball match against Iceman and Slider

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  • Maverick and Goose

    Tom Cruise, as Maverick in "Top Gun"(1986) seen here with Anthony Edwards as Goose

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Top Gun has become one of the most influential and entertaining films of all time. It might not have started out that way, but thanks to the casting, the script and the design, it has reached the iconic status and will always be remembered and cherished among those who have seen it. It is a classic story which never gets old, even if the movie came out at least a decade ago. That is the reason why people keep re-watching it, and actually watching it from start to finish, not knowing what they are getting themselves into. There is a fan base, which keeps expanding. And these fans would appreciate a Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica to add something new to a collection, or to start a collection.

Top Gun is a movie from 1986 and it has some great casting choices on a plate. Tom Cruise plays a pilot in the US Navy, named Pete Mitchell, but his fellow pilots and brass know him as Maverick. He is talented and headstrong, but a careless young pilot, who is still trying to rove himself by constantly pulling dangerous stunts up in the air.

Nick Bradshaw or, as he is known, Goose is stationed aboard USS Enterprise, where they fly the iconic Tomcat planes. Maverick has a wingman Cougar and Radar Intercept Officer has a nickname - Merlin. Cougar, after an engagement with a fictional enemy suddenly has problems landing and Maverick helps him, despite the dangerous situation and the low level of fuel in the plane. Cougar is so shaken after this incident, that he gives up his golden wings and does not want to fly anymore.

Maverick and Goose, despite everything, get sent to Top Gun school, to prove that they are the best of the best. Maverick struggles with the burdens of his father and his decisions back in the Vietnam war. His father died when his aircraft was shot down.

Maverick meets his rivals and colleagues, Jester and, later, infamous Tom Kazansky, also known as Iceman. Iceman does not approve of Maverick's ways, since they are very dangerous, even if productive.

Top Gun school makes Maverick learn valuable life and flying lessons, despite the fact that he is one of the best pilots in the business. After an incident which once again features a dangerous way of flying, Maverick and Goose have to eject from their plane, but Goose ejects in aircraft canopy and dies instantly.

Loosing Goose is very hard for Maverick even though he is cleared of all charges. He loses his aggressive flying manner and wants to retire. He eventually gets back on track, graduating from Top Gun, but not being the top pilot. The title goes to Iceman. After a successful mission all new graduates return to the base and Maverick goes back to Top Gun to teach the next generation of pilots.

In the middle of the crazy adventure at Top Gun, Maverick falls in love and starts a relationship with one of his instructors, later – his colleagues.

The movie deals with important issues and topics people still ask questions about. Loyalty, friendship, taking risks. These and many other aspects are on the minds of men and women of today.

One of the reasons this movie is so popular is also the fact, that viewers and fans identify with the characters. Some people would say that they are headstrong and ready to take risks, just like Maverick himself. Others will claim, that Iceman’s professionalism and calmness under duress is the way they live their lives.

Ladies might identify with Charlie Blackwood – Maverick’s love interest, who is also a scientist and a strong female character.

However, no fandom has ever existed without people who would love to collect props and memorabilia. This iconic movie is no different. It would be very hard to own a replica of one of the aircraft, but fans can aim for the next best thing – the helmets used in the movie.

All characters have their own particular style of helmet and Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica is something fans have been trying to hunt down ever since the movie came out back in the 80’s. However, it’s now the 21st century, and finally, there is a place where people can look for a Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica.

An artist, who enjoys and loves the movie, has created the possibility for any fan to have their very own Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica as a souvenir from the movie, encouraging collection building and re-watching marathons with friends, introducing more people to the circle.

Each helmet is an exact replica of the ones seen in the movie. They are handcrafted, painted and can now be purchased, to start a collection or complete an existing one. The accuracy of these Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica models is amazing and there are no other prop re-creations out there, which would resemble the on-screen things as closely as these ones.

It has to be said that a Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica cannot be used for actual flying. They have been created to be as comfortable as possible for wearing, but there are no communications installed in them, therefore, they are strictly props or collector’s items, not a legitimate aircraft pilot or passenger helmets. Better safe with repeating this warning, then later sorry and not safe.

There are several designs available and, being special, a Top Gun Helmet Prop Replica, will be fit as a display or as a gift to a loved one or a friend who is a fan of the movie. There are several ways how to contact us if there are any questions. There will always be someone to help you out if you want to have a helmet of your own. Just send a quick email and all things, questions will be answered and resolved.

Having a collection and being a fan is a special thing for each and every individual. Being an owner of a prop from a movie means it is not just an inanimate object, but an experience in its essence. Come over, check it out, and we can keep the fandom strong in Top Gun.