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Top Gun is a film that inspired many future pilots to apply for training since Tom Cruise’s enigmatic character offers the viewers a perspective on their lives. It is one of those movies people will watch again and again, since the story doesn’t get old. Maverick allows us to identify with him, his struggles and hardships as well as his love for flying and enthusiasm. He is reckless, but talented, and clearly aware of it. He connects with his fellow pilots and finds love and friendship through tough times. This is one of the reasons fans want to have more of Maverick and his colleagues – we see ourselves in these characters.

Inspiring fans to create collections, buying props and posters, investing in autographs and replica planes has created an industry. However, all true fans will be able to say that one of the things they were missing from this list – were helmets.

What could be better than having a real, screen accurate helmet at home? Exactly, there is no comparison to the feeling of owning one. This is where we come in with an offer nobody should refuse.

Creating screen accurate props – that is what we do.

The turn of the century since Top Gun came out, has changed fandoms and collections. It has opened up many doors for collectors interested in buying props and it is not an elite thing anymore. Mentioning anything about us (Top Gun Helmet Replica Prop maker), means mentioning that this is not just a job but a passion the team believes in. It is personal and important to the artist to be able to offer the best product in the business.

We believe in putting in the necessary work to make a quality product. We never cut corners while making the helmets because that would be cheating. The reputation needs to be built from the bottom up and only hard work can help with it.

Topgunhelmets.com means talking about the dedication and professionalism of the highest shelves. Creation of screen accurate props, including helmets, means hours upon hours of re-watching the screen caps and matching colors and shapes.

Our helmets are not meant for real flying as they do not have the built-in communications systems. However, they are comfortable and will feel as authentic as a movie prop can feel.

Any collection starts somewhere and a great looking helmet from a great movie can be just that. It can also be an amazing gift to friends or family who are fans of the film. We will make it and deliver it on time, looking spectacular.

It can be costly, but it is an investment worth every cent, since it will be a handmade and accurate prop from Top Gun. It will stay with you for the rest of your life and be a great thing to leave as a heritage item for children and grandchildren.