• Cheap and Low Quality Knock-Offs of Top Gun Helmet

    Difference between Screen Accurate and Cheap Replicas

    Top Gun is so famous, that video games emulating it has been made on all platforms including 8-bit video games as well. It has been almost 3 decades when the movie was launched but the magic is still in the air. Although the uniforms were US Navy but the helmets were custom designed solely for the purpose of the movie. The helmets wore by Tom Cruise in the movie had “Maverick” written over them with Blue, Red and White color emblazoned on them. These colors and the “Maverick” caught everyone’s eyes and these helmets were soon a hit. But with the increase in demand, gimmicked cheap knock-off helmets took the market place as well.

    These cheap knock-off helmets attracted people who wanted these helmets but didn’t have money to pay for the higher quality exact replicas. But the look alike helmets are not that good. They have some flaws and discrepancies which can be noticed while buying the helmets. Please take note of the following before you purchase these lousy and gimmicked helmets:

    • The Visor Knob
    • The Visor Slot
    • HGU-33 Shell
    • 3x Metal Adjusters

    The original helmet is placed in Smithsonian Museum.