• Top Gun 2 The Movie

    There have been some on and off rumors making rounds about an intended production of a sequel movie of the award wining 1986 Top Gun Movie. The original hit movie was directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and Jerrry Buckheimer in collaboration with paramount pictures. Tom Cruise was the main cast and starred under the now well-known screen name Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mithchell. In this role he played the sensational fighter pilot so well that he has became legendary star. The movie was a hit that left many yearning for more. Rumors about the possibility of a follow Top Gun movie started sometime in 2010 and although Cruise was attached to that project by then it is not clear how much involved he was in it. However in 2012, Cruise and Tony Scott, the 1986 Top Gun director, gave some credence to the rumors when they went around scouting for locations for the sequel movie. Sadly, this glimmer of hope suffered a drawback with the death of Scott at the age of 68 in August that same year. The speculation revived and heightened when David Ellison, a co-producer and skydance, of the 1986 Top Gun mentioned the movie again during a press event. He indeed confirmed that by the time of that interview, Justin was already writing the script of the sequel. In a recent discussion, the legendary ‘Maverick’ gave the strongest indicator that in deed this dream is most likely turning into reality. Cruise is optimistic about the sequel; he is ready for his role in it but on two critical conditions; one, that he really gets to be in his popular fighter jet, F-14, once again and two, that there is no Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) on the movie! He holds that CGI in the 1986 Top gun Movie was not really an option. This will certainly pose a dilemma to the director and the producer of the sequel. Today, computer generated visual effects would cut down on the cost of production as well as produce customized visual effects to spot-on precision. But then, those timeless real action, CGI-free scenes went a long way in making the movie such a popular blockbuster.

    The idea of a sequel movie under the changed technological advancements has generated a lot of interest, anticipation and rumors in equal measure. In the midst of advances in technology in real life, the role of fighter pilots has changed. Drones have taken over from human- controlled fighter pilots to become the preferred instruments of war. All is not lost however, Jerry Bruckheimer, the co- producer contends that the movie will bring on board more advanced military aircraft and use the sequel to beat the misconception that fighter pilots are now obsolete due to the development of the drone technology. He affirms that Cruise will certainly prove that fighter pilots are here to stay. Through this anticipated block buster will successfully merge and highlight the two technological eras! How the Top Gun 2 synchronizes this reality with its cast of fighter pilots raises anticipation to new heights!