• TOP GUN added to US National Film Registry


    In the year 2015, Top gun, together with other films, was added to the US National Film Registry after being selected by the library of congress which is the nation’s oldest national cultural institution. Every year, the institution adds to the registry outstanding films that are considered to be historically and culturally significant so as to ensure their titles are preserved for the upcoming generations. One of the considerations is that for a film to be considered for such status, it must have stayed in the industry for ten or more years.
    Whenever a film is selected and added to the registry, its importance to America’s culture, film industry, and artistic history is acknowledged hence advancing public awareness on the creativity, richness and variety of the nation’s film heritage. For this film, and any other, to have been selected by the institution, it initially had to be nominated by the members of public through the institution’s website. Afterwards, it was selected among many others by the staff working for the library of congress as well as the Film Preservation board.
    With this rigorous process, it’s clear that the film had to be outstanding to have passed such a process and this can be well explained by the worldwide fame, commercial success it generated, the great legacy it has left behind and still does and many more factors.
    When all is said and done, it would be inappropriate not to mention the sense of pride this inclusion brought to the cast members as well as all those that were involved in its production, and what a great way it was to reward their efforts!