Top Gun Iceman Replica Helmet

Top Gun was a 1986 movie that helped cement the celebrity status of Tom Cruise. It old the story of Maverick a hot shot fighter pilot in the Naval Aviator School in San Diego. The movie showcases the training experience of Naval fighter pilots and their moves as they go through Navy fighter jet school. Maverick played by Cruise is a talented flight school cadet and has a cocky attitude and takes a number of chances when he is running through his paces as a fighter jet pilot trainee. Partly to impress his love interest, and beautiful flight instructor played by Kelly McGillis.
He has a foe in the movie. The cool Iceman played by Val Kilmer, who takes issue with the reckless antics of Maverick throughout the movie. His best friend and co pilot is another fighter pilot Goose played in the film by Anthony Edwards. Maverick inevitably does the wrong thing while on a flight and holds himself responsible for the death of Goose, a problem which threatens to sabotage his career, as Maverick gives serious thought to leaving flight school and the fighter training program. However, in the end Maverick realizes he has a responsibility and can still have a stellar career in the military and that he was born to be a pilot.
Top Gun Ice Man Replica Helmet

The movie tried to be as faithful as possible to helmets that were worn by fighter pilots of the day. One of the helmets that was worn during the shooting of the movie was the F-14 HGU-33 Flight Helmet. The helmet is an exact replica of the F-14 helmet from the Top Gun movie. This was also known as the Iceman helmet and helped to provide a comfortable ways for the naval pilots to fly and defend against the thin altitude and G forces that are so prevalent in fighter jet flight. These were some of the things that the helmets were designed to do.. The helmets are lightweight and adaptable and made for fighters of that time period. These helmets were professionally designed and the replica helmets are just like them down to the exact dimensions. It is one of the great ways to get in the spirit of the movie. Any fans of Top Gun or naval aviators would be happy to have these or helmets.
Whether you want the helmets to wear as part of a fighter jet experience or as part of a top gunned themed uniform you can find the likeness online and make certain that you get the helmets that were used both in the movie, and were the state of the art go to helmet for the armed services for many years. These helmets have comfortable and roomie interiors. They allow individuals to get the options they are looking for in using helmets that were state of the art. The helmets are spacious and genuine. They are designed to protect the head at all costs so individuals clearly like and enjoy these helmets. Purchasing the helmets will allow the individuals get the options they need in a fighter jet helmet replica.