Top Gun Maverick Replica Helmet

Getting professionally made and exact replicas of screen accurate Top Gun Maverick Helmets is a deal too good. We are offering you this special opportunity. Our helmets are based on the popular 1986 Top Gun Movie. This action packed film was directed by the Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Buckheimer in association with Paramount Pictures. It stars Tom Cruise who is the main cast in the movie starring under the screen name Lt Pete ‘Maverick’ Mithchell. It is this sensational actor who wore the popular Maverick helmet giving it its passionate brand name. The movie was inspired by article Top Guns written by Ehud Yonah in the May issue of California Magazine. This article detailed the fighter pilots at the Mirmar Naval Station in San Diego. The film has won several prestigious awards such as the 1987 Grammy Awards, 1987 Brit Awards, and the 1987 People‚Äôs Choice Award among others. But to cap it all, in 2015 this action packed movie was selected by the united states Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry after it secured the accolade of being culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. No wonder because other than the fascinating story line that mesmerizes you from start to finish, the movie uses innovative props that have won the hears of many around the globe. The amazing helmets used as props in the movie have become an all time hit! People are looking for replicas of these astounding helmets. We have the excellent replicas F-14 HGU/33 Flight Helmet!

Our screen accurate F-14 HGU/33 Flight Helmets meet the highest quality standards for your comfort, enjoyment and value for your money. The these splendid helmets are made by proficient experts and are exact replicas of the F-14 helmets from the Top gun movie. Our Top Gun Maverick Replica Helmets look and feel exactly like the original Gentex helmets and actually uses Gentex hardware and features the following:

Genuine new chin strap assembly, genuine older style visor knobs bona fide MBU 12/P cut dark visors genuine visor hardware

It is imperative to state that our Top Gun Maverick Helmets are meant for display only. They are not intended for flight use. Thus these Top Gun Maverick Helmets contain no communication equipment but they come with very comfortable interiors

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